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Millions of people are missing one or multiple teeth, requiring the use of removable dentures or bridgework. Many people struggle with loose fitting teeth. If you have this problem you already know the embarrassment of eating and smiling in public.

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Permanent dentures are an alternative to removable dentures for missing teeth. Unlike traditional dentures, permanent dentures are typically held in place by two or more surgically-placed dental implants, making them stable and allowing the patient to chew, talk, and smile more easily than with removable dentures.

What are Fixed Implant Dentures? Glassport, PA – (855) 916-4215

There are multiple reasons why patients lose their teeth, including gum disease and other dental complications. Prior to the invention of dental implants, dentures relied on a tiny bit of suction to stay in position. For those patients who required more retention, messy special adhesives or creams could be used. However, no matter which method was used movement and shifting resulted in disappointment and pain. After the advent of dental implants and a few decades of refinement we can attach Zirconium or Titanium prosthetic dentures to the implant thereby allowing patients to have restored aesthetics, function and comfort.

What are the Benefits of Fixed Implant Dentures? PA 15045 – (855) 916-4215

1. The ability talk, chew, and bite with full functionality
2. Fixed implant dentures (All-on-4 or All-on-6) are much closer in contour and feel to natural teeth
3. This option allows the patient to enjoy a full set of teeth more naturally without self-consciousness or anxiety
4. They are screwed in, and don’t come out.

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